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PHOTOgRAPHeR JAmes bALOg Traveling by helicopter, dog sled and miles on foot, the EIC team traversed frozen ground through Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Montana’s Glacier National Park, the Alps, Bolivia and Canada. They camped inside synthetic-skinned tents, ate on the run, and photographed constantly. At one point, Balog removed his boots and rushed into the sea to snap images of melting ice crashing against a frozen coastline. Straddling moun­tain­­ous ice fins, the EIC team hovered bottomless caverns suspended by repelling ropes in order to photograph a caving glacier. Fording frozen waters, Balog’s team captured majestic images of the carbon-driven global warming eroding the arctic landscape. Orlowski joined Balog using video to record the EIC team in action. As they traveled across the northern hemisphere documenting their adventurers, Orlowski compiled his video and turned the raw footage over to editor Davis Coombe. The film’s producers Paula Dupre’ Pesman and Jerry Aronson brought on composer J. Ralph to score the soundtrack, with the theme song performed by Scarlett Johansson. The music lifts viewers from the comfort of theater seats into the still calm of Arctic glaciers. Beautifully composed with vivid colors displaying icy landscapes, great crags, serene formations, and placid waters, this monolithic film showcases an evolving planet formed only with the hands of nature itself. Stills move across the screen with the subtle grace of a Ken Burns-style film or span quickly over a bustling Alaskan harbor in a hundred frames pieced together showing a rapidly declining glacier eroding into the sea. Using a mixed-media package, Chasing Ice won a throng of supporters in raising environmental conscientiousness. Balog leads us through a dramatic evolution in the warming of our planet, providing significant evidence using visual images of global climate change. www.chasingice.com A Distinctive style . com 27

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