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PHOTO cReDiT ReuTeRs Her experiences have taught her a lot about life and provided insight along the way. “I regret that I felt so insecure being in the company of the [other] actors when filming ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ that I didn't let myself enjoy the experience. I learned that you need to fight through that feeling, you need to take stock of where you are at, and even if you don't know if you've deserved it or earned it, enjoy it,” she said. She doesn't forget to give credit where it's due. “I think I enjoy a greater degree of trust in my life, and David Frankel was one of the directors who taught me that there are people out there who are worth trusting.” When asked if she believed in the kind of love at first sight like found in the movie, she admits, “I believe in soulmates; I believe in soul recognition, but love at first sight…I think that it doesn't always pan out.” Despite her skepticism, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Hathaway has seemingly found her very own fairytale ending with Adam Shulman. While filming, they started spending time together on-set. Hathaway admits that she had to chase him off at times. “In the beginning, he was going to come and stay with me when I had to do the weight loss because I would be so depleted. It was about three days into the weight loss when I realized I was going to have to ask him if he didn't mind me being by myself because he was making me so happy,” she laughed. “I was having way too much fun, and I said I really need to be a bit more miserable…he went home, and I crawled inside the misery of my character.” Hathaway admits that while she has always enjoyed an extremely close relationship with her new husband, marriage has definitely led to some changes. It changed their relationship “in a way that I didn't realize that I was aching for,” she declared. In fact, the very mention of the word “husband” makes her blush. “I'm so super into it. I say the word way too much. I like saying it. It feels wonderful and natural and still very delicious,” she admits. While on the topic of the future, it’s hard to avoid the topic of children and motherhood. When asked about the possibility of motherhood, Hathaway explained, “I just want to be one that they love, and I just want to be their guide towards being good people. And I've wanted to be a mom since I was sixteen!” But of course, she'll also have no problem with saying “no” to her children if that’s what’s most beneficial. “I was told 'no' many times in my life. It's a very healthy thing.” Nicknamed “every girl's BFF,” Hathaway has quite a reputation to maintain. “I have the most wonderful, friendships with my girlfriends, my group of friends from high school. We are all still friends and we get together every few months and have dinner, and we are all still very up to date with each other's lives,” she divulged. It’s these very same wonderful friends who would eventually become her bridesmaids. Though in Hathaway’s case, there was one exception. “[I was] looking around and [realized] that I actually had a guy. I called him a bridesmate,” she laughed. And just how many bridesmaids/mates did she have at her wedding? “Seven. I have a lot of friends. Some of my friendships date back to, like, the day I was born. And I’ve been best friends with most of my bridesmaids for twelve years.” She also revealed a little bit about their shared history. “We've all grown up alongside each other and helped each other grow and rooted for each other and held out faith for each other when we stumbled. I know they have for me,” she grins, “So yeah, my friend­ships are an incredibly important part of my life.” With the combination of an incredible career, wonderful friends, and a fantastic love life, it’s fair to say that Anne Hathaway currently “has it all.” And she agrees. “I can say with absolute assurance that 2012 has been the best and greatest year of my life.” A Distinctive style . com 63

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