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Green Queen Deborah Lindquist Shares her fashion passions, and creative goals for the new year by Rachel Sokol “I grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota,” explains California-based designer Deborah Lindquist, whose childhood consisted of “climbing trees and coming up with constant creative projects.” One of those projects was sewing, which a then 5-year-old Lindquist learned from her grandmother. “I made doll clothes, and then clothing for myself. We had an amazing stash of vintage clothing in the attic,” she recalls. And that’s really how—and where—a love of nature and vintage all began for Lindquist. Her appreciation of vintage fabrics blossomed into her teen years, and she even launched a trend—unbeknownst to her at the time. “I remember being fairly creative about my fashion approach,” says Lindquist, who, in the 70s, once wore “a lime green skirt with a purple bodystocking and a matching scarf,” that made her best friend cringe. When Lindquist spotted the exact same outfit in a fashion magazine; she knew she was on to something big—and colorful. She relocated to New York in the 80s, attended fashion design school, and started out as an accessories designer before transitioning into eco-friendly clothes. She’s currently one of LA’s most popular environ­mentally-conscious designers, and creates clothing using a mix of recycled, sustainable and organic fabrics. “The 80s was a great time,” recalls Lindquist. “The economy was good, customers wanted to buy luxury goods, and there were many young designers like myself launching businesses and creating interesting things.” Today, Lindquist creates clothing that is more high fashion. “The added bonus is that it’s green. Being green is part of my lifestyle at home—the way I eat, what products I use to clean my house… So, it makes sense for me,” she says, adding, “In the fall/winter line, I create and cut a LOT of appliqués since its cashmere season. The garment shapes are simple and basic—cardigans, pullovers. The detail is in the appliqué embellishment.” This year was a busy one for Lindquist, whose clothing has been worn by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Pink, and Christina Aguilera. “This year, I’ve collaborated with photographers, make­up artists, and models to create editorial-style shoots that have themes,” she says. “One of my clients wore one of my cashmere sweaters over her bathing suit in Palm Beach. Everyone loved the look and wanted to buy her sweater. So, I styled a shoot with cashmere sweaters over my pinup-girl-styled swimwear.” Her first bridal photo shoot was “a re-write of Cinderella, and then I did another shoot of a shape­shifter couple who both turn into wolves and then at the end, birds.” Lindquist has even created beaded wool and cashmere wedding dresses for brides seeking a winter-appro­priate style. “I work with each bride to make her dress unique and special to her.” A Distinctive style . com 65

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