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Karen’s schedule has accelerated as she mixes singing and touring with her band; music and advertising gigs; and acting and presenting. Her life is a challenge to juggle the time required to achieve all that she has to do. In addition to her career, Karen shares childcare duties for her little boy, Hayden, as well as apartment care duties, with her husband, Tom. They also sponsor a little Zambian girl, named Edina. They have visited her and her family, experiencing some very special moments that continue to enhance Karen’s life and music. A new travel show is to be released in 2011 with Karen as the host. “Travel with the GPS Girl” will take you around the world. You will go where the locals go, do what the locals do and eat what the locals eat. It will show how to make your travel dollar go further and travel more enjoyable on every level. Karen is relishing the anticipation of this next stage in her journey. In Australia Karen grew up idolising Olivia Newton-John, and she finally met Newton-John at a black tie function given to honour Olivia. When Karen was introduced, she thanked Olivia for the amazing effect Newton- John’s work had on Karen’s life and career, noting the powerful inspiration she still is. Olivia said “Karen Jacobsen! You’re Karen Jacobsen? I love your singing.” “That was an amazing experience for me,” Karen told us. “To meet her and for her to say that was better than anything I could have expected. Many people besides Newton-John have influenced Karen, such as: Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman. Karen believes that they are all professional entertainers who manage to “run their own race.” In a dominant entertainment industry, they are very strong and definite about the way their careers are going. Karen finds this incredibly inspiring. Who knows where the roads of change will take this remarkable lady in the future but wherever it is she has proven that she will be able find her way around when she gets there A Distincrtive Style urges you to visit http://www.thegpsgirl.com/thegpsgirl.com/giving.html to see another side of the amazing GPS gal. http://www.karenjacobsen.com

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