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Elman knew from childhood what she automatically did and didn’t like in food and wine. “I loved to make a game out of how wines change the taste of certain foods,” explains Elman. She was raised as an only child by her Brazilian chef mother and American wine-loving stepfather and credits both parents for her palate being strongly developed and her senses refined. After an illustrious childhood filled with many culinary and vari- etal learning experiences, Elman went on to work at Perrier- Jouët Champagne in Epernay, France, where she learned about wine production at the Chateaux level. now she celebrates her own label, Alex Elman – Authentic Wine treasures. Her first four organically grown wines from Argentina include an ultra- smooth Cabernet Sauvignon; a buttery and fruity Chardonnay; a rich and pleasingly balanced Malbec; and her ultimate favorite, a torrontes. torrontes is like comforting sunshine in a glass, warm and bright at the same time, which most people find as versatile as a dry Riesling. Elman, who spent her youth growing up in Brazil, France and new york, learned quickly about the differences in wine culture and how wines are grown and embraced. one of the things she is learning by launching her Argentine wines, is that it’s all about ‘demystifying what wine is.’ Her wines have an element of surprise when people discover just how smooth they are. Why organic? Why not?! Elman attributes her improved health situation (she is no longer diabetic due to a transplant) to herbs and holistic medicine, and prefers a natural lifestyle. this is no surprise as Elman is a healthy and vibrant woman with a passion for living. She does regular fitness workouts, stays physically active and has a zest for life. “Most people are afraid to try something new and tend get into a wine rut because they are afraid of doing wine wrong. I want to fix that. I want to open people up to enjoy new wine tastes,” she elaborates. “organic wine isn’t a new thing, it’s just a new niche – wine has been organic for thousands of years. Alcohol dissipates from the human body within six hours; it’s the liver that has to work overtime when you are consuming chemicals. Wines generally have 1.01% sulfites, which is a natural preservative. It’s not the sulfites that make you feel horrible when drinking non-organic wine, it’s the added chemicals, the pesticides and weed killers – that is what most people have a reaction from or are allergic to,” she proclaims. Elman is passionate about organic wine for many reasons, but it is most evident when you speak with her about sustainability. Her dedication in educating people about organic wine is both comprehensive and intense. Her uplifting spirit and energy bounce joyfully when she speaks of the fertile sandy clay soil of Mendoza and how it is full of organic materials. She believes this makes her wines taste so much richer and fuller. She goes on to explain that she thinks organic wine tastes better because it is better, from the ‘terroir’ (which means ‘land’). Her organic wine epiphany occurred in 2005 after meeting a man from Madrid and discov- ering how organic wines were becoming certified through the rigid national organics Program (noP). After attending tastings in France and new york City, she felt ‘alive,’ without the usual residual effects or aftertaste she would experience at regular wine shows. “I felt like I could run a marathon afterward, I didn’t feel bad,” states Elman. Elman continued her research, learning about algae and bee propolis combating fungus in organic winemaking in other regions. While visiting many wineries, she would also learn about the moon and the planets and how they affect the water and how everything grows. She witnessed pristine non-organic vineyards against the organic ones, which weren’t so precise and perfect. Mostly because nature was actually doing what it was supposed to do with animals, birds and bugs. Having her name on an organic wine was a conscious choice. Elman not only stands behind her wine, she practices what she preaches in taking care of the planet. “We need to take care of the world that we will be leaving behind.” While doing her part to leave behind a cared-for world, one thing is truly evident: getting the chance to meet her makes just as much of an impact as her efforts. this woman enthusiastically shares her love of spicy food and her passion for organic wine, planet Earth, and education while bringing together people and indeed, all things living. She truly isn’t blind when it comes to understanding how life is meant to be lived. She infuses infec- tious energy into everything she does…some might even say she herself is an authentic wine treasure. Website: www.aewines.com ADIStInCtIvE StylE . CoM 49

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