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Art of Transformation The EricGrohe wi th By Stacey Kumagai life is about transformation. People often ponder the question about art imitating life or life imitating art. For 3D artist Eric Grohe, designer and painter of murals and architectural facades, his artistry transforms life and art full-circle. A work of art in 3D is like looking at real life. you want to reach out and touch what looks like a sculpture, lean on a beam, shake the hand of a person or let your hands feel the water that is flowing. In many instances you feel as if you are exactly ‘in the moment’ or experiencing what the 3D mural is depicting live; you are literally transported to the time and space you are look- ing at. But to look at the work of Eric Grohe and appreciate all he does outside of the jaw dropping, awe-inspiring artistic vision, car- ried forth in his colorful interpretations of his clients’ needs, you’d have to first understand Grohe’s artistic fiber as the human behind the artist. Clients come to him – and he only commits to projects he’s passionate about. With projects taking typically a year out of his life to create, each project is handled with great personal value and care. First and foremost, Grohe is a solution-oriented artist. He creates works of art that actually produce results in the best light of each client and community in which he leaves his creative signature. “I have a mission to solve a number of practical problems. When dealing with client projects, I want to educate with an under- standing of the art and the heart of what they are trying to ac- complish. Adjusting emotional content, body language of people in the scene, grand or subtle to adjust the feeling…can have an amazing effect in conveying a message through an image,” shares Grohe. Grohe’s enthusiasm, passion and dedication to his craft go fur- ther than just paint and design. His creations have gone from his first mural, just twenty feet across, to 24,000 square feet and beyond what the eye can see. the labor behind the creative process is arduous, in order to make the work of art itself even more purposeful and real. the work involves preliminary sketches, sectioning, planning, and understanding of scale, elevation and distance – all so the end result of the art is on point. But Grohe is an artist of integrity and also likes to ensure that all he creates is literally a custom fit for the location where the art will reside. “there are a lot of variables you have to take into consideration and really make sure that you haven’t overlooked an opportunity. CONTINUED ADIStInCtIvE StylE . CoM 57

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