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ADISTINCTIVEStyle M A G A Z cover photo GREGORY COSTANZO www.GREGORYCOSTANZO.COM cover music performed by jENNIfER wARNES | IT'S RAINING SO HARD www.jENNIfERwARNES.COM editor in chief DENISE MARIE fashion editor TERESA lOuISES jOHNSON graphic design ERuM EHMAD | MAYTHE CARpENTINO cinematographer SEERGEI kRASIkOv | www.kINOSERGE.COM staff writers MATT kRAMER | RACHEl SOkOl | BRIANA l pACkEN STACEY kuMAGAI | jANE wAIDE | MIkEAlA jONES | BlANCHE GARCIA contributing writers SuZANNE ANDORA BARRON | STOwE DAIlEY SHOCkEY AlYSSA pHIllIpS | SHARYN wYNTERS director of sales and marketing STACEY kuMuGAI story ideas EDITOR@ADISTINCTIvESTYlE.COM editor-in-chief EDITOR-IN-CHIEf@ ADISTINCTIvESTYlE.COM © COpYRIGHT 2011 A Distinctive Style Magazine. All rights reserved. Registration on or use of this magazine constitutes acceptance of A Distinctive Style's user Agreement and privacy policy. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission from A Distinctive Style Magazine. A Distinctive style . com 15 I N E

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