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Great teachers make a tremendous difference in students' lives. This year we risk losing some of the best teachers in America. • At least 160,000 teachers face layoffs. • Most layoffs will be based solely on seniority, not on performance. • The result: many of our most effective teachers will lose their jobs. • Even if there have to be layoffs, we can save great teachers. Parental engagement is critical to ensuring student success, so we'll work to get all families more involved in their schools. But lasting reform requires that whole communities get involved in the fight for better schools. Without a widespread, concerted movement that engages all sectors of society, our country will continue to fall further and further behind the rest of the world. If you agree with our mission, and want to help transform education in your community and throughout America, join us. www.studentsfirst.org/pages/membership 32 A Distinctive style . com www.studentsfirst.org

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