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Kjaer Weis A REFILLAbLE MAKE-uP SYStEM ECO-COSMETICS gREEN LUxURY "Ultimately what I wanted to achieve as an alternative that fused beautiful color, texture and design with organic, non harmful formulas. I think it's the way forward." ~Kjaer Weis By Teresa Louise Johnson Kirsten Kjaer Weis grew up in the country - side of Denmark, an upbringing that brought her closer to and taught her to value nature. Her love of "design, art and color" took her to a make-up school in Paris and since then, she has spent over 15 years as a make-up artist in Europe and the US. As a make-up artist, she came to realize that many of her clients were struggling with sensitivity to the majority of cosmetics lines, sitting down in her chair and listing off products they couldn't use. Kirsten created her own collection of make-up, choosing neutral colors she'd worked with time and time again that she knew would suit every woman and opting to use clean formulations found in minerals, plants and wild flowers. She liked that these ingredients not only brought out the beauty of the wearer, working well with a woman's skin, but that they were so pure as well. She was happy to provide women with a product that didn't fight a woman's body but worked with it instead. To Kirsten, eco-cosmetics are the equiva - 44 A Distinctive style . com lent of eating an apple straight off the tree rather than munching on a processed cookie. She says her cosmetics are equal in both texture and color in comparison to high end mainstream lines but they're also all-natural. Kirsten didn't stop at creating a product whose ingredients resonated with the skin. She took her collection a step further, creating packaging that is pretty and reusable. She likes to think of it as "a design outside with a green inside." The com - pacts are made to fit refill pans that can be recycled and replaced with a new paper carton when a new color is required. Kirsten worked with designer and well known art director Marc Atlan to come up with the package design, which she hoped would be glamorous and "not too recycled looking." The packaging for the Lip, Cheek and Eye compacts is a work of art, while the show stopping red lacquer make-up boxes open up to metal compacts with a simple but elegant white enamel KW logo. The compacts are known for the sound they make when clicking shut, as it is similar to a Mercedes door closing; it gives a whole new meaning to green luxury. That's not to say they'll deplete the bank account. KW compacts are a one-time purchase of between $44 and $54 and the refills are priced from $20 to $24. Though the colors Kirsten has chosen for her collection are neutral so far, she's adding a blue eye shadow and a dark berry lip stain for fall. The range might be small at present but it is designed to flatter a variety of skin tones. Lip tints are available in raspberry red, pink, nude and plum colors while the cream blush is offered in coral, rose and tan. For the future, Kirsten hopes that Kjaer Weis will continue to grow. She'd like to add foundation, powder and mascara to the collection, making it a full line of natural cosmetics. See her current collec - tion and the innovative KW packaging at www.kjaerweis.com. A A

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