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www.mauricegainen.com tHE SOuND OF FREEDOM Freedom means different things to different people. It is something many live to experience and strive to find in their lives all over the world. It can take on a different note of understanding from many growth perspectives of what it means to be truly free. As a five year-old child, Composer-Musician-Producer and Master Engineer, Maurice Gainen found freedom on a piano built in 1923, in his family living room. Today, The Sound of Freedom is more than just the title of his new album. For Gainen, freedom is doing what he loves independently, sharing his 6 A Distinctive style . com An International passion for music, spending time with loved ones and being inspired by life's journey and the journey of others who have become part of his life's musical tapestry. "The inspiration for the theme came from the song and the song inspiration came from a visit with George Grosman in Toronto in 2009. He was one of the first people I met when my family moved to Israel when I was in 11th grade. As a teenager in Czechoslovakia in 1967, he was awakened to Russian tanks rolling down his street in the middle of the night. Journeyof Music Creation By Stacey Kumagai His father, who was a well-known (1964 Academy Award) Jewish author was told he should leave right away, so they fled to Israel. He was driving me to the airport and we were talking. He said, 'When I was a kid in Czechoslovakia and I heard The Beatles, Stones, Jazz, Blues, the BBC and Voice of America, that was the sound of freedom to me.' "I said, wow, that is a great song title, you should run with it!" "When I got back to LA, it would not leave my head. I called him and said, Dude, remember that sound of freedomstuff we were talking about, when I said you should

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