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you are here to make your unique contribution to the world through your gifts and loving energy. HELLO AND WELcOME. My name is Mikaela Jones and I am honored that Denise Marie has asked me to share my experience and wisdom with you via this column. My intention for "Live Your Light" is to offer you new ways of perceiving, being and acting in your world. I hope these ways will inspire and uplift you to pursue your purpose and your passion, no matter what chal - lenges life may bring you. My worldview is that we are each spiritual beings having a physical journey. This journey is complex and some t imes chaotic, but always full of magical beauty and potential. Most importantly, always remember no matter who you know, where you live, or what traumas and burdens you may carry… you are here to shine. You are here to make your unique contribution to the world through your gifts and loving energy. The way I see it is when we are born, we come in as shining spirits ready for adventure, but sometimes the chal - lenges and perceived tragedies of life veil our true identity, our voice and gifts and can make it easy to lose sight of our purpose or even to give up on our dreams altogether. It is my mission to help you live from the expanded consciousness of your spiritual self, your inner light, so that you may not only create an enriching and fulfilling life for yourself but also help create a more peaceful and sustainable planet. The focus of this Fall Issue of A Distinctive Style Magazine touches every one. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer almost twenty years ago and I spent the last year of his life with him. Going through that challenging and ultimately heart-breaking, yet transformative experience changed my life's course. It inspired me to want to help people traverse life's challenges with more ease and grace. This set me on a path of studying hypnotherapy, as well as many spiritual techniques and healing modalities. Years later, when I had a severe neck injury and was told I'd lose the ability to walk and could possibly die, I used what I had learned, enabling me to heal my neck holistically. I'm delighted to say I walk and dance quite well (in my humble opinion) again! In this issue's Delight Frequency® Video, I share three techniques to help you release stress and return to a place of centered well-being, which is so important when you are facing any challenge, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. I recommend using these techniques as often as you can. Quantum physics tells us we are all energy and at the deepest level our energy is all connected. So as we raise our individual vibration by living more and more from our inner light, we raise the vibration of humanity. These can be powerfully positive times for the planet if we use our energy wisely and with intention. I hope you will join me in this Delight Frequency® Revolution. Bright Blessings! Mikaela Jones has a fifteen year back - ground in hypnotherapy, as well as various spiritual traditions, meditation and energy healing techniques, including New Thought, affirmative prayer, the universal laws of attraction and perception and Theta healing. For more information and tools to help you face life's challenges, please visit www.MikaelaJones.com. Feel free to download her free 10-minute audio entitled 'Light Meditation' which will help you become more grounded, centered and uplifted in your powerful, loving light…so you can shine. The author of The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life as well as the Weekly Beam of Light. Mikaela is the creator of the Delight Frequency® Manifestation Practice and is an inspirational workshop leader and speaker. A Distinctive style . com 63

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