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According to Drescher, shampoos, lipsticks, deodorants, shaving cream, lotions, mascara "and every other product we put on our faces, in our hair, even on our teeth, can contain toxic chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, neurological problems and other health problems. And it's perfectly legal!" Drescher explains, "this bill will eliminate the most harmful chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm from personal care products; require cosmetics companies to tell us everything that's in their products; and set up a system to review the safety of cosmetic ingredients. Additionally, 'cosmetics' refers to products that men, women and children use every day. This bill affects every single American. Men use an average of six personal care products every day. Women use 12!" Drescher continues: "We need to advocate that more attention be paid to diagnostic screenings and biomarker testing. We also need to start figuring out what's causing cancer and the effect of environmental factors." She also wants today's younger generation to learn more about Cancer Schmancer's WE THE FUTURE campaign, which is "all about empowering the next generation to learn how to live healthier lives and help their families and communities do the same. The earlier our children learn how to ask questions and choose healthier lifestyles, the better off they will be." When she's not working as a healthcare advocate, Drescher stars in the in the TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced—which is currently on hiatus. "The show is inspired by my personal experience. The storyline revolves around a woman who, after 18 years of marriage, finds out her husband is gay," explains Drescher. "Because of the economy, the two are forced to continue to live life together even after their divorce. The underlining message throughout the journey of the two trying to reinvent life on their own is that love is love." As we move in 2012, Drescher the message Drescher wants to relay to others is simple, effective and to-the-point. "By empowering Americans to be educated medical consumers, to ask questions of their doctors and the screening tests available and to learn how to live a less toxic life, we can save lives today," she says. "Did you know that when cancer is detected early, there is a 90 percent survival rate? We are working toward a day where no person loses his or her life to late-stage diagnosis of cancer." To learn more, visit www.TrashCancer.org, and use the GoodGuide search bar to evaluate the health ratings of home products. Visit CancerSchmancer.org to learn more about the early signs of cancer and the tests available. For more information on WE THE FUTURE visit www.facebook .com/wethefuture, which features weekly discussions, contests and more. A Distinctive Style staffer Rachel Sokol also contributed to this article. 74 A Distinctive style . com

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