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Putting Cancer Where it Belongs—in the Trash! By Sharyn Wynters Cancer awareness groups are springing up everywhere and it's about time. People are finally beginning to realize that cancer is a disease brought on by our modern living environment, and that cancer is preventable—absolutely preventable. For years, a number of individuals and small groups have been trying to make the public aware that toxins in our envi- ronment (air, water, food, personal care products, building materials, cleaning sup- plies, etc) are causing cancer, allergies and a whole gamut of new diseases. For years, advertising dollars have had the upper hand, sweeping the truth under the rug and lulling the public into believing that a certain amount of toxins are "safe." But with the increasing incidence of cancer and disease everywhere, it is becoming more difficult to keep the entire world from seeing the truth. We have reached a point where there is just too much evidence to be covered up any longer. The "jig is up" as they say. The truth is spilling out everywhere and just like those nuclear re- actors that we have also been told are safe, the ugly truth comes oozing out from a million tiny places, as it can no longer be held back. The first step to preventing cancer is awareness. We need to come to grips with the fact that just about everything sold in conventional stores these days has chemicals and toxins in it. It's not just about eating organic food which a lot of people believe. It's about everything we surround ourselves with. For example, in the personal care industry, chemicals are used to create suds; they remove grease, 86 A Distinctive style . com stiffen your hair, make your skin feel smooth, stop you from perspiring, change your hair color, lengthen your eyelashes and make you smell good. In the clothing industry (you probably didn't know clothes could make you sick, did you?) chemicals are used to soften fabric, to add color to it, to keep it from wrinkling, to make it fire retardant, to create resistance to stains, to keep it from collecting static and to make it water resistant. Unfortu- nately, the chemicals that do these things also cause birth defects, allergies, hyper- activity, learning disabilities, attention deficit, early onset of puberty, neurologi- cal disorders . . . and cancer. It is no longer a theory, these are well-known facts. In 2010 Burton Goldberg and I pub- lished a book entitled, SURVIVE! A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World. It was our way of contributing to the rising awareness of the toxins we have come to accept all around us and to provide alter- natives. We have been told that the book is scary and empowering, a good combi- nation. It gives people a reason to change their consumer habits and it provides sug- gestions for how to do it. Awareness is the key and knowledge is power. With knowl- edge we can step out of victimhood and into the victor's circle. One organization that is doing a lot to bring cancer prevention into the open is Fran Drescher's new movement called Cancer Schmancer and her campaign called "Trash Cancer." I love the name of the campaign, it tells the story in two words. It's time to gather all those cancer- causing products and get them in the trash. Perhaps I love the concept because it's exactly what I did years ago to cure myself of cancer. I'm a survivor too and like Fran, surviving cancer changed my life. It put me on a well-defined path to make a difference. Once I got better, I became a Naturopath and dedicated my time to helping others discover better habits and better health. But beyond changing our personal habits, we eventually have to correct the problem at its roots. We have to demand changes that will provide a clean living environment for us all and for our children. It's similar to those oxygen mask demon- strations in an airplane. If you are a parent, you're told to put your own mask on first then to take care of your children. When it comes to toxins, the immediate concern is to protect yourself, to become aware of the problems and to learn how to avoid them. But eventually we have to look around and ask, "How can I help someone else? How can I make a difference?" It is our birthright to breathe fresh air, to drink clean water and to eat vibrant food produced by loving hands that are connected with Mother Earth. It's time to claim our birthright—to demand products without toxins and to demand change on a global scale. I'm honored to be a part of the movement. Will you join me? Sharyn Wynters is an author, naturopath and health advocate. She is an ambassador for Cancer Schmancer and the Campaign to Trash Cancer. www.wyntersway.com www.cancerschmancer.org

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