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A Happy MY NAME IS KEtREN WAItES. I'm a happy 24-month old boy that loves airplanes, cars, motorcycles and playing ball. On April 28, 2011, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and I'd like to share my story with you. Around mid April of 2011 I started to have a limp in my right leg, my mommy took me to the doctor right away and they did all the standard exams and x-rays. Nothing was ever found during any of the routine visits or on any of the x-rays so the doctor's advice was to just "wait it out" because it could just be a stone bruise, growing pain or hairline fracture. Well, if you know my mommy, she doesn't "wait" very well...she persisted with the doctors...at least 1-2 visits a week with "why, why, why" because my limp not only became worse, but I had finally resorted to crawling instead of walking due to the pain. My mom was finally able to get a referral to a Scottish Rite Orthopedic Doctor and we were on our way to finding answers! Once we arrived at the doctor's office he ordered a CAT scan. Thank goodness my mom, dad, and 2 other nurses were there to hold me down while they IV'd me because I'm a strong boy and the grown ups were sweating by the time they got my drip going! I was sedated and had the CAT scan performed, we were not even out of the Scottish Rite parking lot when the Ortho doctor called and wanted us to see a hematologist because there was some dark bone marrow showing on my scan. My mom, not knowing what this meant, asked, why, why, why? That's when the doctor said; "Well, we just want to rule some things out, I don't want to scare you, but we need to rule out 24-MonTH oLd CHILd IS diagnosed with Leukemia leukemia." And so it began, my mother went hysterical for the first, of many times thus far. The doctor said she would have the hematologist look at the blood the next morning and call us with an update, boy, that was a long night! But sure enough, the doctor called the next morning and said "good news, the hematologist looked at the blood and didn't see any osteoblasts which are characteristic in leukemia patients. Ketren's white blood counts are good so we can probably rule out leukemia!" HALLELUJAH! I think we danced for an hour, however, the doctor still wanted us to follow up with the hematologist the next week. And we did, uh-oh.... 90 A Distinctive style . com

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