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CHRIS HAMILTON pHOTOgRApHY SpORTS ILLUSTRATED ATHLETE OF THE YEAR www.TONYVOLpENTEST.COM 56 A Distinctive style . com Fastest Man in the World: The Tony Volpentest Story, is about a much-loved Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year, who takes us step by step through each of his Olympian wins, and shows us how to acquire the mindset of champion and apply it to our own lives. Tony Volpentest is a four-time Paralympic Gold Medalist and five-time World Champion sprinter (he carried the Olympic flame at the 1996 Olympics). But it is not the medals or records that make him admirable so much as the grit and determina- tion that got him to the starting line. Volpentest has won numerous honors, including the United States Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year. He's been featured on CNN and served as the National Spokesman for Shriner's Hospitals. He is a 2012 nominee for the Olympic Hall of Fame. Ross Perot does the Foreword for this inspirational book. Tell us about, "Fastest Man in the World, the Tony Volpentest story." A: It's a story about my journey, where the reader is with me, stride for stride, from childhood, through all of my trials and tribulations, and ultimately to my successes. I really believe that my story is relevant to all ages and diversifications. Why did you start running? Did you have an "aha" moment when you knew that you could compete for Paralympic gold... and ultimately win? A: I always considered myself to be athletic, even as a child I was very active. As I transitioned from a private grad school into a very large public high school, I had a hard time meeting people. Although I have always been very confident and self- assured, track allowed me to get involved and meet new people. My "aha" moment came to me as a senior in high school when my times were within half a second of current world records.

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